When it comes to attention-grabbing and guffaw-inducing headlines, it’s hard to beat the following which appeared recently in the Arab News: “Islamophobia Worst Form of Terrorism.”

That’s right.  Forget about skyscrapers full of thousands of innocent people crashing to the ground, compliments of Islamic terrorists.  Or the slaughter of Russian school children by Islamic terrorists.  Or beheadings galore by Islamic terrorists.  Or any of the other countless acts of senseless barbarity by — all together now — Islamic terrorists.

Or at least that’s the opinion of a group of Islamic ministers that was hatched during a “brainstorming” session of the 34th Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, giving the ultimate proof that using the words “brainstorming” and “Islamic” in the same sentence is one of the world’s greatest contradictions.

The conference convened recently in Islamabad (where else?) to deal with the “grave concern at the rising tide of discrimination and intolerance against Muslims, especially in Europe and North America.”  Islamophobia was specifically described by the ministers as “a deliberate defamation of Islam and discrimination and intolerance against Muslims.”

Honest to Allah, are these guys kidding?  Is the Muslim mind really capable of unselfconscious hypocrisy on such a monumental scale?  What we have here is the world’s most intolerant people (Muslims) criticizing the world’s most tolerant people (Westerners) for being intolerant.  Hel-lo-o!  Earth to Islam!

But before we go any further, let’s deal with this word “Islamophobia” for a moment.  It’s a disingenuous, made-up word that seeks to take advantage of the psychosis of political correctness that currently afflicts modern Western societies.  It is used by confused and/or nefarious people for the express purpose of trying to make it unacceptable for people in Western societies to express concern over suspicious or objectionable Muslim activities within those societies.
Besides being made-up, the word is also totally illogical.  Why?  Because a phobia is an irrational fear, but given all that we know and have experienced in the last three or four decades in terms of Islamic terrorism, there’s nothing at all irrational about at least being wary of certain behaviors amongst Muslims.

But wait a minute.  Fear, irrational or otherwise, wasn’t even mentioned in the ministers’ description of “Islamophobia,” which talked instead about “a deliberate defamation of Islam and discrimination and intolerance against Muslims.”  Here’s a thought.  If you’re going to make up a disingenuous word designed to capitalize on the perceived victimhood of Muslims, why not at least come up with one that makes logical sense, like, say, “Islamintolerance” or maybe “Islamobigotry?”  “Islamowariness” would be the closest to reality, but since it doesn’t sound nasty and bigoted enough, it never had a prayer.

So, yeah, sure, many of us in the West are wary of some Muslims, particularly when they behave suspiciously or even bizarrely, and particularly when such behaviors occur in certain settings, like airports and on airplanes.  Remember the flying imams in Minneapolis?  If you have a gaggle of Muslims babbling in Arabic, praying absurdly loud in an airport, throwing around the name Osama bin Laden, and then they board an airplane, bounce around from seat to seat and just generally act outlandish in a conspiratorial sort of way, is it really “Islamophobia” on the part of passengers when they express concern or is it what any reasonable person would do in that situation?

Paradoxically, while many in the West are justifiably wary of Muslims, most Western countries are actually bending over backwards to accommodate every ridiculous requirement that Muslims in their midst come up with.  The stories are endless, from removing pork from school and hospital menus, to schools dropping the teaching of the Holocaust and the Crusades, to a German judge ruling that the Koran allows men to beat their wives.  And on and on.

Hey, the Western countries seem to be saying, if something offends our Muslim populations, then we’re all about changing it, fixing it, getting rid of it or whatever it takes before the problem gets out of hand and some understandably disgruntled Muslim who has been traumatized by the scourge of “Islamophobia” decides to go jihad on us.

Does that sound like the conference ministers’ description of “a deliberate defamation of Islam and discrimination and intolerance against Muslims?”  Of course not.  But it does sound like a pathetic and potentially dangerous degree of accommodation for a large group of people whose allegiance so often seems to be to its religion and ethnicity rather than to its various Western host countries.

So to put it mildly, the conference ministers’ declaration that “Islamophobia” is the worst form of terrorism is nothing but a load of asinine claptrap.  It may be the worst form of twisted language, but as terrorism, it doesn’t even qualify.  But here’s something that does: an Islamic suicide bomber who packs his explosive with nails, screws and ball bearings, liberally sprinkles it all with rat poison, and then detonates the toxic mix, sending the objects to rip through the bodies of innocent people at high velocity.

Now that’s terrorism, and only a Muslim with a king-sized chip on his shoulder would be unable — or unwilling — to discern the qualitative difference between that and, say, some mildly derogatory cartoons about the Prophet Muhammed or a Muslim student being taunted with a ham sandwich.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, the Muslim ministers were nonetheless bound and determined that their “brainstorming” sessions would conclude that Muslims are the world’s most mistreated people:

“Because of Islamophobia, millions of Muslims in the Western countries, many of whom were already underprivileged in their societies for a variety of reasons, are further alienated and targeted by hatred and discrimination.”

That statement tends to beg the question:  Since the religion of Islam is so fabulous and without error or blemish, and since the West is so iniquitous and shot through with so-called “Islamophobia,” why isn’t there a mad rush of Muslims to get back to their immaculate homelands?  And why in the world did they ever leave in the first place?
Well, maybe it’s because enduring a little “Islamophobia,” as they call it, isn’t even fractionally as bad as enduring conditions in the oppressive, backward, violent, poverty-ridden, basket-case countries from whence they came.  Until these realities are faced up to and dealt with in some kind of meaningful way, they can brainstorm until doomsday and the Islamic world will still be the armpit of the planet.

Greg Strange provides conservative commentary with plenty of acerbic wit on the people, politics, events and absurdities of our time. See more at his website: http://www.greg-strange.com/

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