If you are a fan of this band, this is a must have DVD, if you are looking for Oscar award winning material you are in the wrong place. I liked the ‘vampy’ style, yes I did mean that. The obviously fake blood, the heavy thumping bass, and the really interesting ‘special’ effects makes for a great 2 hours of fun. This is not a movie, and yet it is not a concert, I am not sure how you would ‘pigeon hole’ this one. It sure is fun tho.

The concept behind this movie is a version of American Idol, several bands are trying to win a recording contract. The big difference with this contest is that all of the bands are Goth. It turns out that the sponsor of the event, the ‘less than above board’ Gotham Records are a bunch of blood sucking vampires, one by one they are literally eliminating the contestants.

Oscar winner it may not be, but fun romp it certainly is. Gina DeVettori and Kristen Zaik offer up a fine performance as the Management Company. If you are looking for some ‘Goth’ exposure, you can get it from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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