I have read many articles about the sinful world of illegal music downloading! I have to wonder why people bother when there is so much great music to be had for free, and it is legal. You just have to know where to look. So to help the internet challenged I have decided to start a semi regular series showcasing the music I have found.

It is 40 years ago that Pink Floyd released their first album ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’. Pink Floyd are one of the best known, and best loved bands of the music world. In celebration of this anniversary, EMI have released a two and three CD version. Better still they have a video of Arnold Layne, This is a very old classic and an audio of Bike.

John Fogerty, whose searing new album Revival is out October 2 on Fantasy Records, has some samples Don’t You Wish It Was True and Summer of Love

Check out the link to listen to an MP3 of an acoustic version of “Mr. Philosopher” a track from Ben Jelen’s new CD ex-sensitive.

The latest music video from Straylight Run, for “Soon We’ll Be Living In The Future,” off of their sophomore album, The Needles The Space is worth a look as well.

Simon Barrett


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