This is a band that in one shape or another has been in the music industry for nearly 30 years. This DVD is from a live concert played in Katowice. Poland in late 2006, in fact it is from the same Rosfest that Neo played at. And in many ways the two bands have much in common.

Pendragon is fronted by the ever amazing Nick Barrett (Vocals, Guitar), behind him are: Julian Baker (Sax, Guitar, backing vocals), Peter Gee (Bass Guitar), Jon Crabtree (drums) and a variety of great keyboard players, John Barnfield, Rik Carter, and Clive Nolan.

I particularly enjoyed Clive Nolan, this guy is right out of the ‘Rick Wakeman’ school of keyboarding! In fact he even looks like Rick. He is awash in keyboards, Moogs, Melatrons, and every other keyboard you can imagine. He looks like the archetypical mad scientist. There is something wonderful about the rich and enticing electronica sounds, from theatre organ to almost ‘honky tonk’ piano. Id a little bit of research on Clive, and while I could not find a direct link to Rick Wakeman, I did notice a lot of references to other Wakemans, and I am guessing that it is other family members.

The glue behind Pendragon is Nick Barrett, he has stage presence, and his vocals are great.

Pendragon have been at the forefront of the Prog Rock movement for many years, and based on this concert, do not appear to be giving up that trait any time soon.

If you are a prog rock fan, this is a DVD that you will want in your collection. With a running time of over 3 hours, the DVD contains not only the concert but also some interesting additional material including an interview with Nick Barrett and John Barnfield. Pendragon Past and Presence can be purchased from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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