An often time ignored instrument is the Double Bass, that deep thumping sound most notable in the Jazz world. The Double Bass may not be everyone’s idea of an instrument that could be the focus of an album, but Miroslav Vitous does just that in Live In Vienna. This classically trained master of music has played with such greats as Stan Getz and Chick Corea. From his arrival in New York in 1967 Miroslav has been a most sought after band member. In this latest venture he is no longer just part of the backing group, but the focal point. He introduces us to an instrument that is much more versatile than I had thought was possible.

I really liked this video DVD, there is something soothing about the Double Bass, a great way to relax. Just let the melody wash over you. I was amazed at the tonal range that Miroslav coaxes out of this behemoth of the strings world.

Live In Vienna covers a wide variety of music styles, with ease he moves from classical to jazz, and there is even a little bit of country thrown in for good measure.

You can order Live In Vienna from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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