Bob Berg (1951-2002) was a world renowned saxophonist, and this concert recorded in 1994 is a fine example of his skills. Bob was very much a staple from the New Morning stable of musicians. For those of you not familiar with New Morning, it is probably the most influential Jazz club in Europe. Based in Paris, New Morning has been the launch pad for an enormous number of artists.

In The Geneva Concert he teams up with Alvin Queen, Niels Lan Doky, and Pierre Boussaguet. One trait of a great musician is his ability to adapt. And Bob Berg certainly has that; he can play with anyone and seem as if they have been playing together for 30 years.

Niels Lan Doky is a great keyboard player, although he may be better known for his classical renditions, one of my favorite piano pieces being ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’, and this guy just nails it! He shows his versatilty in this DVD, from classical to jazz, he does it all.

Alvin Queen on drums adds that cohesion needed to bring together a great concert, and the remarkable and unforgettable Pierre Boussaguet on Double Bass rounds out this eclectic group.

All of the songs performed are great, but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be ‘When I Fall In Love’, Bob does a superb job with his Tenor Sax, you can ‘feel’ the music. The music world suffered a sad loss with the passing of Bob Berg in 2002 when he was untimely ripped from this world when a truck on an icy road hit him.

The Geneva Concert is available from MVD.

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