Many people pigeon hole Andromeda as a metal band, and they are completely wrong, Andromeda may hover in the high end of the hard rock spectrum, but they never cross that awful boundary into the Metal area. I have to fess up here, I do have a pet theory about music; the higher up the rock scale you go, the worse it becomes, and metal is an area that all skills are lost in the search for volume and shock value. Andromeda are way too good to be labeled Metal.The band is made up of, front man David Fremberg, Thomas Lejon on drums, Fabian Gustavson on Bass, Martin Hedin on keyboards, and Johan Reinholdz on guitar.

Playing Off The Board is a video of a concert they performed in January 2007 in Katowice, Poland. I am beginning to believe that Poland has become the new centre for hard rock these days.

David Fremberg with his almost perfect vocal range for this genre, raspy, and slightly dark, does a fine job throughout the concert. I found him very much from the Led Zeppelin school of music.

This is an interesting concert, it showcases some of the finest songs from their four albums, and maybe equally important showcases each of the members. Martin Hedin does a fine job of tweaking the electonica keyboards, and Thomas Lejon provides the stability needed with his accomplished set on drums. Maybe this is best seen in Chameleon Carnival, which is an interesting mix of electronica keyboard, guitar, and healthy bass.

While David Fremberg may be the front man, Johan Reinholdz is without doubt the glue that is the adhesive for this band, and he does a fine job on the lead guitar, as does bassist Fabian Gustavson.

Also included on this DVD are a bunch of goodies, some interviews, and some previously unseen video. It is a steal of a deal from MVD. The Vienna Boys Choir they may not be, but for some good old hard rock, you can’t beat these guys.

Simon Barrett

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