TJ is a good friend of mine. I know him best as an investigative journalist, radio personality, and Programing Director for The Sky 97.3 out of Gainsville Florida. I also know him as a big sports fan, he is very much involved in covering the Florida Gators. In fact as I recall in his college days he played some football. But what I had not realized is that TJ Hart is also a budding singer/songwriter!

I have to admit that I was taken aback when he sent a message that he had just made his first music video!

Of course I was expecting some practical joke. But no, this is the real meal deal. And I have to admit that I am impressed.

A Week Ago is a delightful song, and TJ Hart has quite the voice on him, he also obviously knows his way around the frets on a guitar as well as he does the football field or basketball court.

This demo version is just TJ Hart, his guitar and his home audio equipment. I would love to hear this in a studio environment with some other musicians. I think the results would be quite splendid.

TJ, here is the bad news…..

I know lots of people in the music industry, so be very afraid!

This is the YouTube link, watch, listen, and enjoy.


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