Pack a change of clothes, grab your toothbrush, and let’s head off to Paris, France for some classic Jazz music. “Paris”, I hear you ask, “Why go that far, there is great Jazz in New Orleans”. Well yes there is great Jazz in New Orleans, but if you go to Paris you can pass through the portals of the legendary ‘New Morning’ club. New Morning is part of Jazz history, and in this latest DVD we get to see some of the worlds best Jazz musicians strut their stuff. 25 Years At New Morning is four hours of concert and interviews recorded in 2006, at a very special 25th birthday bash.

The music is great, but maybe the best parts of this DVD are the interviews, you get a real sense of the importance of this Jazz venue, and it’s long and glorious history. This is a club with a past, a club with identity, and a club with a vibrant future.

Among the performers at this birthday bash were The Archie Shepp Band, Art Farmer, Larry Carlton, and about another million or so fine performers. I don’t wish to play favourites here, but the most outstanding set that I saw (and my wife Jan agrees) was by The Terry Clark All Star Band performing Squeeze Me But Please Don’t Tease Me.

If you are a Jazz fan this is one that you will not want to miss.

25 Years At New Morning is available through MVD.

Simon Barrett

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