I am a really big fan of the Under Review series that are being produced by the Sexy Individual/Chrome Dreams companies. The idea is to take a band or album, and explore it in a documentary form, I love this concept. So if anyone from either company reads this review, I’d love to do an interview, hint, hint! Today’s ‘victim’ is Mott The Hoople. This may not be a name familiar to many American readers, but Mott was a very big influence on the British music scene in the 70’s and 80’s. The one song that I am sure almost everyone would recognize is “All The Young Dudes”, which for many people became an anthem for a whole generation.

Mott The Hoople started off as a garage band in Hereford, England in 1968. Playing local venues they were just another band in a really competitive market. Through sheer perseverance, determination, and just pure single mindedness they clawed their way to success.  I view Mott as one of the great ‘Hair’ bands of the time. Ian hunter (frontman) is one of the all time finest performers, every live performance was memorable. What most people might not know is that Ian was not one of the original band members. Steve Tippins started as their vocalist, and later transitioned into the groups Road Manager.

Maybe the biggest influence on this band was producer Guy Stevens, who had a truly unique method of creating creativity, booze! According to many sources Guy’s idea of a good time in the studio was to get the band ‘hammered’ and then let them jam. In today’s Politically Correct world this would be frowned upon, and likely result in a flurry of law suits.

Mott The Hoople with Ian Hunter at the helm became a phenom, and maybe one of the best live bands in 20 years. Big hair, big sound, and with a big presence, they wowed the crowd. One of the more bizarre aspects of Mott is their musical influences. Ian hunter was a huge fan of Bob Dylan and Sonny Bono. When I first heard this I was in shock, I could see little connection between any of them. But in listening to some of the early Mott tracks you can hear the likeness in styles.

I give this DVD a 5 Big Hairs out of 5.

If you are a Mott The Hoople fan, you will want this DVD in your collection, it is available through MVD.

Simon Barrett



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