Youth Without Youth“Collaborating with Francis was an amazing dream,” says composer Osvaldo Golijov of his recent composing work on Francis Ford Coppola’s first film in almost a decade, Youth Without Youth. On his choice of Golijov to create the score, Coppola said the following: “There are two sides of Osvaldo Golijov that attracted me: consummate musicianship and classical training, and as well a sense of modern life, clashing cultures and the integration of past and present into a generous musical canvas.”

While the Argintinian composer has immersed himself in music since his early days in La Plata, Argentina, he only recently threw his hat into the film composition ring with his 2000 score for The Man Who Cried, which garnered him a “Discovery of the Year” nomination from the World Soundtrack Awards. Though he also created music for the “Mexico” segment of 11’09″01 – September 11, Youth Without Youth marks only his second film score. And it’s clearly a success as Coppola has signed him up to score his upcoming Javier Bardem/Matt Dillon drama Tetro.

The music itself is elegant and manages to be both reminiscent of classic Hollywood drama scores and give off the unique expressions of the Bucharest Metropolitan Orchestra (conducted by Radu Popa). The film is based on a book by Romanian author Mircea Eliade set pre-World War II.

The dreamlike qualities of some of the tracks, such as “Dr. Rudolf’s Dream” and “Powers” are like a melancholy adventure through a dark Fantasia. Meanwhile the tension-building light strings of “The Girl In Room 6” and the slow building intensity of “Rupini’s Cave” serve to keep the audience on their toes. The eerie scratchiness of “Noapte Buna Mimi” and “O Alba Tigareta Parfumata” are pleasantly dated surprises, though they do feel a little out of place amidst the otherwise instrumental score.

At times feeling like a romantic drama, and other times giving off suspense/thriller vibes, Osvaldo Golijov’s Youth Without Youth score is undoubtedly poignant. Recently wrapping up a project with celloist Yo-Yo Ma and the Boston Symphony Orchestra and currently working on Rose of the Winds for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Golijov is becoming a hot commodity in several key markets. If Youth Without Youth is any indicator, the attention is well-deserved.

Zach’s Rating: A-
Perfect For: The music afficionado in all of us
Stay Away if: Orchestras are not your thing

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