OK, let me start with a confession, this might be a slightly biased review. On Brian Hagen’s web site he has a list of his musical favorites and mentions ELP’s fabulous album Tarkus. Tarkus was the very first album I bought, I was 12 or 13, knew nothing of ELP but I could not resist the artwork! I still listen to ii today, the LP has long since been retired, but the music lives on online

So, Brian gets a bonus point for Tarkus…..

I found You’re The One to be a delight. There are 14 tracks, 7 original and 7 by classical composers. I really like this idea, it gives you a real sense of the players ability not only to compose, but also to play. There is a benchmark set and the goal is to fit in.

Brian Hagen passes this test with flying colors. the styles change but the ‘feel’ remains constant. I particularly liked “Kleine Studie” (Small Study) by Schumann. In the world of Pop and Rock you hear the term ‘Cover Band’, this means playing in the style of another band. In the classical world you have nothing to copy, you must interpret the composers music from the sheet music. The notes cannot be changed, but certainly the feel and mood can be altered.

The last track Sunflower has a marvelous Jazz feel about it. Selecting 14 tracks that mesh well is difficult to do if you are the composer, sprinkling in works by other people adds a great deal more difficulty.

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