I find the world a wondrous place, quite how things fall into place boggles my mind. Yesterday I was chatting to a very fine singer songwriter about his new CD. Whats next, I asked. Oh I am going on tour with Bachman Turner (I don’t know what happened to the ‘Overdrive’ but I am sure there is a story). Where are you playing? All over was the reply.

Included on the list was the one and only Troubadour Club in Los Angeles. I told him that one of my favorite DVD’s was James Taylor and Carol King playing live from the club to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their first appearance there in 1970.

The conversation was still rattling around in my head this morning. I was browsing the press releases that had come in overnight. One caught my eye:

The Press Release revealed:

40 years ago Nemo James, singer songwriter and author of the autobiography “Just a Few Seconds” sat in front of a record company executive playing his latest compositions. He was told the songs were very good but there was no market for his James Taylor style of music. Fast forward four decades and James Taylor is still recording and selling out concerts while all the other music fads have come and gone.

After a 35 year detour following that advice Nemo James is finally gaining recognition after returning to his original style which is a unique fusion of the different genres he played as a session guitarist but still in the James Taylor camp. In his latest album “Weave” Nemo James thanks James Taylor for being a friend by including a tribute song to the great man entitled Thank you James which tells his story while integrating titles from James Taylor’s most popular songs.

I had to jump in, yes indeed he does have some songs that are reminiscent of James Taylor, the title track Thank You James is a fine example.

Hidden at the back, is a truly remarkable track Somebody Stole My Hole.

This certainly does not sound like James Taylor, but it sure is fun.

You can get your own copy of Weave by clicking on the Amazon link above

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