When it comes to music I am ‘omnivorous’. Music is like sushi, each piece should be sampled, considered and enjoyed. I’ll be the first to admit the day did not start well, we were Catburgled at 4AM, OK, it was just our large wayward pup, he had managed to break in through the front door, and decide that we would not notice another 50 or 60 lb beast in the bed!

I was up and ready before the sun had made an appearance. I had grave doubts that the TV news had anything good to say, so I took my Lap Top out to deck and took Voyager out for a spin.

Modern Classical has a problem, some idiot decided to call it ‘New Age’!

I feel that every part of a musical piece should be considered, the title, the track names, the liner notes, they all add to the sum total of the work.

The name Voyager comes from:

Join composer and pianist Lisa Swerdlow on her journey through space and time with Voyager.The concept was born after listening to a story about NASA’s twin Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft launched in 1977, and how they surprised scientists by surpassing their expected 15 years of usefulness, still sending us pictures from space after 40 years. Voyager is composer and pianist Lisa Swerdlow’s second solo piano release on the Heart Dance Records label.

I like this description, it makes sense. It also makes sense to my ears and brain.

This is not from Voyager but it is most reflective of her style.

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