Rise of the LycansWhile all fans of the Underworld films have come to expect epic vampire- and werewolf-filled battle sequences, the more musical fans have also come to expect top-notch soundtracks filled with a high level of quality tracks, often almost doubling as something like a rock/industrial score. And the soundtrack to the third film in the series doesn’t disappoint on the quality front, featuring impressive artists like AFI, Alkaline Trio, The Cure, and Puscifer (the alias of Tool and A Perfect Circle’s Maynard James Keenan), all expertly remixed by Renholder (album producer Danny Lohner).

From the creepy, crawling rhythm of Genghis Tron’s “Board Up the House” (with the throaty, oft-repeated command to “hide upstairs and wait” backed by a throbbing, occasionally screaming beat) to The Cure’s sensually pulsating “Underneath the Stars” (featuring the always evocative Milla Jovavich providing backup vocals), the soundtrack for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is no “one-track” pony repeating the same expected stylings over and over. As producer, Lohner makes sure to instill his tracks with a general sense of continuity, providing a theme that gives the entire album a definite dark feel that carries effortlessly between the heavier and quieter songs, keeping Blaqk Audio’s “Stiff Kittens” from going overboard with heaviness and, similarly, keeping Thrice’s “Broken” from becoming too soft.

Overall, this album is a surprisingly beautiful mixture of industrial and rock acts that deliver a steady stream of darkly melodic tunes mixed to near perfect, though at times it could be argued that Lohner perhaps overmixes a bit. Also, listen to King Black Acid’s “Let’s Burn” for an example of one of the three tracks on the album that have been placed here “untouched” – as pointed out by a fan in a comment below. Fans of the Underworld films are sure to find plenty to like here and even those who have never laid eyes on a single frame will be more than impressed with the mixture of tracks.

Zach Says… A-
Perfect For: All you kids out there who love wearing black so much
Stay Away if: You think Miley Cirus deserved her Golden Globe “Best original song” nomination
If you buy just one track, make it this one: “Underneath the Stars” by The Cure, featuring Puscifer and Milla Jovavich

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