The Uninvited (Original Score)Composer Christopher Young is no stranger to the horror genre. He’s worked on the infamous Hellraiser and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchises as well as on Species, The Grudge (1 and 2), and The Dark Half. In fact, with over 90 movie composition credits to his name, his very second movie was a horror film – the bluntly titled The Dorm That Dripped Blood. And while Young has branched out from the horror genre as often as not, it seems that he hasn’t lost his talent for creating a genuinely spooky musical backdrop. And for those who may have had their doubts, his score for The Uninvited (a remake of the 2003 Korean frightfest A Tale of Two Sisters) easily proves him more than able.

Young opens his score quietly, with two tracks of delicate, though eerie music, including the title track. It’s this quiet opening that makes the first jolt - a sudden screech in “I’m at a Party” all the more surprising and downright frightening. Young pulls off a similar surprise later on in “A Christmas Corpse,” bringing the music to a frightfully unanticipated high mark. Throughout the score, Young makes great use of voices (both sung and murmured). In the track “Bloody Milk” he does his best work with this, with voices that sound like hissing whispers circling a tremulous orchestra. In “Cry of Love” we hear voices seeming to seek help and then carrying on in whispered undertones and barking chants (it’s definitely ghostly stuff), while the murmuring vocals in “Twin Nightmares” fade in and out among high-pitched scratching violins before the music morphs into what could be Christmas music for a kid’s movie. Again, in “The Screaming Bell” we hear frantic breathing and other signs of terror.

In the last 20 years Christopher Young has made a name for himself composing in many genres, but it seems clear that he’s most comfortable when working in the frightening world of horror. His score for The Uninvited may be scarier than the movie itself. And if you don’t believe me, try listening to this score alone in an abandoned building. I dare ya.

On a scale of 1 to 10: 9, this is a solid score that’s good enough to appreciate, but spooky enough to play in the background at Halloween
Perfect For: Anyone looking for an eerily good classic album
Stay Away if: You’re looking for a voiceless score

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