Exciting news for humans and vulcans alike: last week Silva Screen Records released a new compilation album of Star Trek music from The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. But those Star Trek music fans in the know may hear some familiar sounds while listening to this album – and not just because the Star Trek themes have been repeating in their heads for nearly four decades. Though there are a few new tracks here – three to be exact – the majority of the music included on this album was also included on the 2-disc City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra’s Star Trek album from 2003, aptly titled The Star Trek Album. This updated version makes room for a track from this summer’s new Star Trek flick, and a few others as well. I’ve already previously reviewed that album, so I won’t go through the familiar tracks again here – if you’re  interested, my review is available on BloggerNews. Suffice it to say that the 2003 album was well-made selection of memorable Star Trek moments, with a few slightly distracting sound effects. This new album takes the best of the original and adds in a few welcome bonuses.

J.J. Abrams go-to composer Michael Giacchino’s “Hella Bar Talk / Interesting Young Men” from the latest Star Trek entry is the freshest track on the album, coming across with an almost Danny Elfman-esque vibe that clearly separates it from the rest of the album though it also ties into the general military-style sounds and driving rhythms of the scores that have come before it. The final moments of Giacchino’s track drag on a bit too long – with singular drumbeats continuing after the other instruments have stopped, almost as if the composer (and the orchestra) didn’t want them to end. The second new track here is the theme from “Star Trek The Next Generation”, given in place of the nine minute”Tasha’s Farewell” – a track that stood out in the last collection but was most likely cut to reduce the length of the collection and allow it to fit on one album.  Though “Tasha’s Farewell” was an impressive and welcome piece on the last album, this theme track fits in nicely here and the emotional feelings lost from “Tasha’s Farewell” are here replaced by “Where My Heart Will Take Me” – the final piece on the album, though “Where My Heart Will Take Me” is a bit of a cheesy farewell track, especially considering that the majority of the music here is more action-based.

Though the 2003 album was indeed lengthy, all told it only included about 30 minutes of more music (and a few sound effects for good measure). Those looking for a complete collection will have no choice but to purchase both albums, but for my money this trimmed down selection of Star Trek ditties is the better choice.

Zach’s Rating: A
Perfect For: The Star Trek fan looking to relive decades of music in a single setting
Stay Away if: You want the actual music from the films – look elsewhere

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