The InformersIn a world where Less Than Zero, The Rules of Attraction, and American Psycho have been made into feature films of varying success, the pickings are slim for new movies based on the rather limited bibliography of author Bret Easton Ellis. Perhaps that explains the development of a Lunar Park movie and the upcoming release of The Informers – a feature based on Ellis’s collection of short stories, though neither book is exceptional in its own right. It doesn’t seem too odd to look for the announcement of a Glamorama movie in the near future, considering it’s soon to be the only unproduced Ellis novel left. Accompanying the release of The Informers is Lakeshore Records’ release of the film’s soundtrack – an 11-track collection of songs from the early ’80s and brand new material (written in the style of the ’80s, naturally).

The original material here is includes work by Justin Meldal-Johnson (who also provided music supervision on the film), Jason Falkner (The Grays), Justin Stanley (The Vines), and Australian musician 7Ray. The majority of the new music is lumped together at the end of the album (aside from the melancholy “Only You”). This orderingn turns out to be a good choice, because even though the new songs blend in almost flawlessly there are still subtle differences between songs designed to sound like they are from a separate era and songs actually produced in that era. This layout allows the true sense of the memorably synthesized ’80s to soak in before the soundtrack hits you with new music inspired by the time period. Listening to Men Without Hats, Pat Benatar, Wang Chung, Simple Minds, A Flock of Seagulls, and Gary Numan on one album is a surefire way to put yourself back into the decadent decade. Breat Easton Ellis would be proud.

The Informers soundtrack –
01. New Gold Dream – Simple Minds
02. Dance Hall Days – Wang Chung
03. Shadows of the Night – Pat Benatar

04. Only You – Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Jason Falkner, Justin Stanley and Dave Palmer
05. Safety Dance – Men Without Hats
06. I Ran (So Far Away) – A Flock Of Seagulls
07. Cars – Gary Numan
08. The Devil Made Me Do It – 7RAY
09. Gone For Good – Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Jason Falkner and Justin Stanley
10. Another Night – Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Jason Falkner and Justin Stanley
11. In A Scarlet Sky – 7RAY

Zach’s Rating: 8 (out of 10)

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