Fiction FeverFor a band who pulled their moniker from a classic Shakespearean play (“The Tempest”), the six tracks on The Bigger Lights new EP Fiction Fever are unabashedly poppy and hook-laden. The band was formed in Virginia in July 2007 and by November they’d released the self-produced EP “Third Act Stories.” They were soon signed to Doghouse Records in the summer of 2008 and began touring the country. Now their new EP (“Fiction Fever”) is set to be released early next month (April 7th). Needless to say, things have been moving quickly for the young band, and Fiction Fever reflects this fast-paced lifestyle, though for the most part it’s fairly standard indie pop-rock, with singer Topher Talley offering up nasally soaring vocals backed by driving guitar riffs and fast-paced drums. It’s clear that each of these pumped-up tracks would find a comfortable home in a crowded music venue filled with young rockers looking for a good time. On an album, though, they don’t quite convey the energy and drive that would become readily apparent in a live concert. Fiction Fever is still worth checking out, if only for the infectious – if slightly repetitive - chorus on “Revved and Ready” – “Don’t believe a word she says!” It’s clear that these guys have talent, but they also need a few more years to develop connectivity as a band and find their own voice in a music scene crowded with similar artists.

Zach’s Rating: 6 (out of 10)

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