Trouble in TokyoAfter scoring numerous episodes for the Teen Titans television series, composers Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion and Lolita Ritmanis have built up themes and attitudes they use for the show’s various characters. So when the producers came forward with the idea for a feature film, this trio of composers was more than ready. The result is a action-packed 53 minutes recorded over the course of a week in 2006.

Opening with “Meet Seico Tek” – a track that feels like it would belong more at home opening a rock album, these composers make it known that they are here to drive the plot, not to simply provide a score. And while the first track makes it feel like the action couldn’t possibly maintain such a high level of adrenaline, the successive tracks do just that, particularly the ska-inspired, ritalin-laced “Starfire Wins Videogame.” This high energy vibe is also present in “Titans Attack,” though it’s a bit more subdued and takes on a more standard superhero-themed energy.

But for all the rapid-fire, non-stop action tracks, pieces like the delicate “Moment Lost” and the latter half of “All You Can Eat / Boy Troubles” remind listeners that even though this may be an animated comic-book film, there’s still a bit of heart there. Even the short track “The Note” provides a bit of depth to an otherwise non-stop actioner. The guitar riffs provided by Greg Herzenach throughout the album are impressive and keep the tensions high. Could there have been a few more moments of downtime to give listeners a chance to recoup? Perhaps. But this album is a musical high wire act that succeeds admirably.

Zach’s Rating: B
Perfect For: Teen Titan fanboys and girls
Stay Away if: You’re already on ritalin and don’t need more stimulation in your life
If you only buy one, make it this one: “Titans Watched” – where hip-hop meets Tokyo

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