Mark Ruffalo won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance last year for his directorial debut about a Los Angeles DJ who unexpectedly finds himself drawn into the world of faith healing after an unfortunate accident. Having not seen the movie I have no idea if Ruffalo knows his way around the back of a camera in the same way he does in front of one, but it’s at least clear that he has a good ear for soundtracks. This soundtrack is a laid back collection of music that strikes a nice balance between monotone hipness and endearing expressiveness.

Do Make Say Think’s seven and a half minute track “Auberge Le Mouton Noir” occurs early on and is by far the longest on the album, encapsulating the dramatic and touching aspects of the film without pushing or feeling forced. The otherworldly vibes from The Besnard Lakes (who also get first billing on the album cover – before Burnt the Dipthongs) makeup the majority of the album and follow a similar arc. Least welcome here are the tracks from Burnt the Dipthongs which feel atonal and jarring in relation to the rest of the relatively melodic and somewhat mixed collection.

Throughout the album bass is a strong player (understandable considering the movie is about a DJ)  but the music fluctuates up and down a bit too much, with ominous tracks like “After Gig Dean Burns Oogie” and forced punkish tracks like “The Healing Song.” Most enjoyable is when the music finds a certain calmness (“Rene’s Healing” is a good example of this). It’s not a bad album, but there are plenty of songs on here that grate on the senses a bit more than they should.

Zach’s Rating: C+
Perfect For: …fans of The Besnard Lakes? Fans of the movie? I’m not really sure
Stay Away if: You have never heard of any of these bands

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