Let me start with a question, what is the lightest material on the planet? The answer is something called Aerogel. It is so light and so durable that NASA used it to capture ‘Stardust’. Impressive for a product that has its roots in a #2 Pencil, Carbon. Why do I introduce this Fact?

Karen Biehl has created the musical equivalent of Aerogel, the music is so light yet so well composed that the listener is picked up and transported to a world of peace and tranquility, a place that is so sadly lacking in our modern world.
Some music is designed to provoke, some music is designed to be ignored, and some music just picks you up and takes you on a journey. Starlight Dreams is certainly in the category of ‘taking you on a journey’.

As with any musician I listen to I went digging online for information, her website is www.maestramusica.com What surprised me about the site was that it was not your usual, About me, Buy My Album, and Good Bye. She also is involved with a Youth Scholarship Program. Everyone preaches STEM from the rafters but I think the arts are just as important.

My next stop was Youtube where I found this tasty morsel.

Yes this album gets my thumbs up. Get a copy and I know you will not be disappointed.

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