Epitaph have been in the music biz for over 30 years, they are a shining example of the rock music originating out of Germany in the 1970’s. Remember The Daze is their first studio album in 2 decades, this is a long overdue release. Remember The Daze is actually a very mellow album by Epitaph standards, even my wife (who is a Country fan) liked it. The band consists of  Cliff Jackson (Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Vocals), Brend Kolb (Electric Bass, Vocals), Heinz Glass (Electric Guitar, Doblo), and Achim Poret (Drums, percussion, backing vocals). They also have Roger Wahlmann (keyboards), and Jim McGillivary (Drums) guesting on the album.

From the opening first few bars you can tell that this is a well seasoned band that has been a cohesive unit for a long time. The musicians feed off each other, with no one particular performer overshadowing the others.

Remember The Daze features the only acoustic track ever recorded by Epithaph, Ships in the Dark is a great track, and definitely one of my favorites.

Epitaph is one of a growing number of bands that has realized the power of viral marketing, and all of the tracks can be sampled on Amazon. I love this ‘try before you buy’ concept. It is a shame that more bands do not do this.

If you are looking for a fun rock album, try this one. With a total running time of just seconds less than an hour (59:47), this album is great value. You can purchase Remember The Daze through MVD. 

Simon Barrett



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