Ping Pong PlayaPing Pong Playa is the comedic tale of suburban slacker Christopher ‘C-Dub’ Wang who finds himself having to take over teaching his mother’s ping pong lessons and eventually taking his older brother’s position in a ping pong tournament. It’s an independent film for a niche audience to say the least, and the soundtrack reflects this pretty clearly. Made up mostly of pop and rap music performed by Chinese artists, including famed producer CHOPS, rapper Jin, Far East Movement, and model/actor Daniel Wu, it’s a high-energy, beat-driven collection of music that is all but dedicated to Asian-American hip hop fans.

Opening with the album’s star CHOPS (he’s got three songs on the album – “Chinese School”, “My Rims” (with Lil Weavah) and “I Like Cereal”), the soundtrack makes a strong showing coming out of the gate, with CHOPS laying down some impressively hilarious lines about what Chinese School is – including “I don’t call television racist, but I do watch ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Spongebob’ just to see some yellow faces.” The Pinkertones have a cheerful and engaging pop song in “The Whistling Song” – one listen and it’ll be stuck in your head. Far-East Movement’s cover/remix of “I Wish” is worth a listen, if only for the laid-back beat driving the track. The rest of the album, aside from Jin and Daniel Wu’s poppy “HK Superstar”, starts to sound a bit too much like late-’90s rap to be too impressive. DNC’s “Swing Baby Swing” is energetic, but ends up being repetitive and bland before its less-than four minutes ends.

The bottom line here is that while there are some good tracks included and it’s a danceable soundtrack, most of the music is a bit less than impressive, and may be only for those who are already fans of the bands included.

Zach’s Rating: B-
Perfect For: All those fans of Chinese rap… you know who you are
Stay Away if: You don’t fall into the above category
If you buy only one track, make it this one: “The Whistling Song” by The Pinkertones. It’s a jovial, unique track that is hard to get out of your head.

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