Though the series itself won’t hit the Sci Fi Channel until early 2010, the two-hour pilot for the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica has already been released on DVD, and now the score music – composed by BSG composer Bear McCreary – is being released by La La Land Records. In short, BSG fans have something to entertain their fancy now that their beloved series has ended. And it looks like as long as the sci-fi genre exists, Bear McCreary should have no trouble staying employed. As Caprica director Jeffrey Reiner says of McCreary in the liner notes, “Bear is a talented man with a strange name.” He is that, and as his work on BSG and now on Caprica shows, the ideal composer for a sci-fi thriller.

The music for Caprica sounds something like a stripped-down version of the music from BSG – aside from the explosive track “Cybernetic Life Form Node” that recalls the adrenaline and action of the original series. The rest of the music here is a bit simpler and subtler, using either strings or percussion to drive the plot – and I do mean strings OR percussion – when one takes the forefront (strings in “Zoe’s Avatar”, drums in “Terrorism on the Lev”) the other backs off almost completely. Director Jeffrey Reiner mentions Philip Glass as an example of the type of sound he was looking for when envisioning the score for his series, and McCreary has captured a good piece of Glass’s style here.

The album may start to feel a bit repetitive to those less inclined to indulge in a full-BSG immersion, but this is part of McCreary’s knack for finding a strong theme and sticking to it. While each track has a life of its own, it’s abundantly clear that these 18 tracks are part of the same melancholy family. As McCreary coaxes the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra through each piece, listeners can almost feel the storyline unfolding behind the music. For those eagerly anticipating the premiere of the new series, this 54 minutes of music will serve as ample encouragement that the quality found in the original is still going strong.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: BSG fans who want to get back into the musical world McCreary created for four years
Stay Away if: You want something inventive and playful like McCreary’s work for the Eureka series

To purchase the soundtrack for the pilot episode of Caprica, visit Amazon

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