Photographer Michael Grecco worked his way from a news photojournalist to a celebrity-driven event photographer to a celebrity portrait photographer shooting magazine covers for Time, Entertainment Weekly, People, and numerous others. But his latest work (his third collection of portrait photography) isn’t exactly magazine-cover material. In 2007 Grecco immersed himself in the world of adult entertainment (a.k.a. porn) and using these images has created a hardcover collection of over 200 adult entertainment celebrity portraits entitled Naked Ambition: An R Rated Look at an X Rated Industry. In addition to the book, Grecco has also directed a documentary film of the same title and Lakeshore Records is releasing the soundtrack from the film this month.

Despite it’s provocative cover – also the cover of the book and the film of the same name – this soundtrack isn’t all that exciting. Music can typically tell a story as well as images, and the songs here don’t do a bad job of that, with bubbly pop ditties like “Gonna Do It Right Now” by Frequency Drive and “Keep On Keepin On” by Chris Pierce setting the tone for a light-hearted but slightly edgy storyline while Joshua Seals’ “Be As One” gives off more of an all-night partying atmosphere.  For a tongue-in-cheek (and where else?) documentary about the porn industry, it’s fair to say that both of these moods are equally applicable. The quality of the songs here leaves a lot to be desired, though this could be intentional considering the subject matter.  There’s only 32 minutes of music on the entire album (13 tracks) , which again leaves the listener wanting more.

Five of the tracks are composition work by Josef Peters and Deadsy bassist Jens Funke which tend to have the feel of a whimsical carnival funhouse, like two parts Danny Elfman mixed with three parts Bear McCreary.  The track “Joanna” has a hint of campy science fiction which is a welcome distraction from the rest of the album. This duo doesn’t have too much history with film composition so their work here is a step in the right direction, though it’s a bit cartoony.

Each song has merits of its own, but as a group this soundtrack isn’t much to get excited about. Go check out the book or the movie instead.

Zach’s Rating: 6 (out of 10)

To purchase the soundtrack from Naked Ambition (out May 12th), visit Amazon

Soundtrack track listing:

1. Opening Credits Joey Peters & Jens Funke
2. Gonna Do It Right Now Frequency Drive
3. Slave Andy Roda
4. Sex (I’m A…) Terri Nunn
5. Easy KAV
6. Joanna Joey Peters & Jens Funke
7. Valmont Joey Peters & Jens Funke
8. Be As One Joshua Seals
9. Enter To Exit IO Echo
10. Red Carpet Joey Peters & Jens Funke
11. I Thought About You The Beautiful Girls
12. Keep On Keeping On Chris Pierce
13. In The End Joey Peters & Jens Funke

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