Alternately playing out like the 1980s incarnate and a Celtic mix tape, this collection of music is nothing if not eclectic. Composed by Oscar winning (Chariots of Fire) electronic composer Vangelis (also known for his work on Blade Runner), the score for this epic tale of mutiny on the high seas represents a specific time period in film composition – when a big budget action movie starring Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Day-Lewis, Liam Neeson, and Laurence Olivier could be backed up by an electronic keyboard score such as this from a composer who claimed to write nothing down but composed on the fly while watching the film footage. It’s actually a pretty impressive score once you get past the images of famous ’80s love scenes that the music evokes (or is that just my brain?).

This album does not actually contain the original score from The Bounty, but a version arranged, produced and performed by composer/orchestrator Dominik Hauser, who has worked in the music department for varying films from Pineapple Express to Freddy vs. Jason. Working with the original composition by Vangelis, Hauser has created a lush and vibrant musical world – from the ominous opening bass notes in the “Main Title” to the soaring female vocals (provided by Katie Campbell) that round off the bonus track “Theme from La Peste.” There’s a full-bodied luxuriousness to this music and it’s easy to understand why the music has stuck with enough listeners to warrant a new recording of the score to a  little-known film from 1984.

There’s over an hour of music included here with the “End Credit” track playing out for almost 15-minutes. This long track, a length not often found on film scores, allows Vangelis (and now Hauser) to fully develop a thematic identity for the work and let that theme grow and expand in a microcosm of the entire album. Overall, it’s a captivating set of music, and despite a bit of cheesiness from the ’80s electronic sounds, it’s a pleasant, new agey album with a few Celtic violin pieces thrown in for good measure.

Zach’s Rating: B
Perfect For: Meditating or just creating a musical ambiance in your house
Stay Away if: You’re looking for a typical string-based score

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