Dance FlickSo, over the last several years – after the unwarranted success of Scary Movie – the Wayans family has been continuously releasing subpar movies to the cineplex. Apparently, though, enough people are willing to drop the cash to check them out, that studios are still willing to greenlight even a spoof that lampoons dance and musical films, and is cleverly titled… well, Dance Flick, obviously. But, for the moment, let’s ignore the general content of the film itself, which offers itself up to angry film critics as an easy target. We’re just dealing with the soundtrack here.

In under 30 minutes, this soundtrack presents six original (a term used very loosely here) tracks from the film itself (mostly “Weird Al”-esque parody tracks adapted from other musicals, including Dreamgirls and Enchanted) and four other R&B/rap tracks including entries from Ying Yang Twins, Eric B, Donell Jones, and Rick James. I’ll cut to the chase: if listening to David Alan Grier belt out stilted and unfunny lyrics about overeating (the most hilarious of all topics) is the stuff that gets you going then stop reading this review and just go buy this album – you’ll love it. For anyone else, this collection of 10 songs is sure to grate on your musical sensibilities. The jumbled mess that is “Deeper Inside” – a two minute original R&B track is enough reason to stay away from this album.  Despite the inclusion of Rick James’s infamous “Super Freak” this soundtrack is one of the weakest I’ve heard in a long time.

In all fairness, though, Dance Flick does have five Wayans listed in the writing credits and a Wayans behind the helm – so why should we be expecting anything spectacular from the soundtrack?

Zach’s Rating: 3 (out of 10)

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