What does it say about an album when two of the most enjoyable tracks on it are karaoke instrumental versions of the songs? Well, I guess it depends on how much you like karaoke…

A little less than five months after the theatrical release of the film and the original soundtrack, and around a month after the release of the film on DVD, Lakeshore Records is releasing a second album of music from the recent remake of the movie Fame. But titling this album “More Music From the Motion Picture Fame” is a bit of a misnomer considering that eight of the 21 tracks here are simple dialog clips from the film (this is not even including the rhythmic “Drum Beat Dance” – which is really just a dialog track with drums in the background). A second blow to the legitimacy of this album is that most of the actual songs included here are really just remixes (or acoustic versions) of songs from the previous album. Asher Brook’s “Try” and Naturi Naughton’s “Fame” are perfect examples. Both tracks were included on the original album and reappear here slightly altered. Though Brook’s “Try” benefits from additional polishing in a new radio edit, Naughton’s “Fame” T-Blade remix drowns out the vocals with an unnecessary treble beat.

There are a few uninspired covers, including an overblown version of “I Want Candy,” a stripped-down piano-led version of “Fly Me To the Moon,” and “All That Jazz” – a jumpy 50 second jaunt that serves as an anticlimactic final track. While fans of the the film (and all things Fame-related) may find plenty to love in this meager add-on to the original soundtrack album, others will most likely be left cold.

Zach’s Rating: C-
Perfect For: Diehard fans of the new Fame
Stay Away if: You don’t fall into the”diehard fan of the new Fame” category

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