Just shy of 30, and with only a few years in the industry, singer/songwriter Molly Jenson is confidently – if unexpectedly – stepping into the world of music full force. Last week marked the re-release of Jenson’s 2005 debut album Maybe Tomorrow which was nominated for “Best Pop Album” at the 2006 San Diego Music Awards and eventually helped lead to Jenson signing a record deal with Bully!Pulpit/Nettwerk Music Group. And these 13 tracks (produced, mixed, engineered, and co-writtenby Greg Laswell) beg to be listened to. Jenson’s style, an alluring mix of folk, pop, and indie-rock, is instantly catchy and easy to enjoy.

Maybe Tomorrow opens with the quietly endearing “Give It Time.” In the tune’s catchy chorus, when she sings “There’s no use trying to stop this / There’s no use trying to make this go away,” it’s as if Jenson is trying to talk herself into investing fully into her freshly-minted musical career. And though Jenson does quiet and folksy quiet well, that’s not the only style she has to offer on this album. Jenson manages to fluctuate from edgy and raw (in the stripped-down “Wednesday”) to Sheryl Crow poppy (in the completely memorable and single-worthy “Thinking of You” – an upbeat track about a crush on a stranger, as well as the fairly lightweight “Alongside You”) to the heartbreaking singer/songwriter stylings of “Wait For You Here.” It’s a testament to Jenson’s musical prowess that she manages such varying styles with equal ease, making each seem as natural as the last.

Maybe Tomorrow is an album of surprises. It’s clear that Molly Jenson (with the help of her co-writer and producer Greg Laswell) have plenty of creativity up their sleeve and this first album is a strong first album.  Though Jenson has mostly toured in California (and Japan in 2008), here’s hoping that 2009 will find her touring the rest of the country.

Zach’s Rating: 7 (out of 10)

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