In the same way that the story for Mirrors 2 is not actually a sequel to the 2008 original, Frederik Wiedmann’s score is not a follow up to Javier Navarrette’s score to the original Mirrors (itself a remake of the Korean film Into the Mirror). Though Wiedmann does utilize some of the same themes as Navarette (back-up vocals in “Slice”, dragging strings in most tracks), these are fairly standard horror score tropes and not necessarily tied to the music from Mirrors.

At this point Wiedmann has worked on several big-budget action/horror movies, including Legion, Whiteout, and The Reaping; as a composer he’s still working his way up the ranks with straight-to-video fare (Return to House on Haunted Hill, Hellraiser: Revelations, The Hills Run Red).  But with eight composer credits for 2010 alone, it’s clear that Wiedmann is willing to put in the effort to keep improving his status as a stand-alone composer. And Mirrors 2 is a stand-alone effort – not perfect, but plenty good enough to be appreciated.

For most of the score Wiedmann runs with a melancholic theme that occasionally drifts into thrills and chills, which is a welcome choice for a straight-to-video horror sequel. There’s some genuine emotion in these notes which helps to draw the listener in. Hearing the music in tracks like “Keller Returns” and “Run!” – tracks that get the point of the action across, but at the risk of being overly repetitive – it’s clear that sometimes composers don’t have as much control as they’d like. If a director wants their character to run… and run and run… I suppose you have to keep that momentum going, but there are a few places where Wiedmann could have worked in a bit more originality. It’s not clear whether this is a shortcoming of the composer or the director.

Overall, the 51 minutes of score music provided for Mirrors 2 is a cut (get it?) above the vast majority of straight-to-video horror movies. Moments like the brief jazz interludes in “Loosing Her Up” attest to Wiedmann’s sense of storytelling and juxtaposition. Mirrors 2 may not be the best showcase of his talents, but even so, he makes it clear that he has them.

Zach’s Rating: C+
Perfect For: Background music at Halloween or reading a dark novel
Stay Away if: You listen to score music with an ear for intention

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