My wife and I have just moved, so bits of ‘lint’ get disturbed. I came across a 2016 DVD/CD set by Vanilla Fudge.

I pride myself on knowing a fair amount about music, but I had to think long and hard to pin down Vanilla Fudge. Then I remembered, they share the same DNA with the Kardashian family, they are famous for just being famous.

To the best of my recollection Vanilla Fudge never actually wrote an original song, preferring instead to ‘cover’ other artists. Their M.O. was to take a perfectly boring hit song, elongate it and add a dark feel to it.

There are some that claim Vanilla Fudge were the creators of the Heavy Metal movement. I view that claim as being about as credible as a 3 day old donut.

I popped the ‘Fudge’ DVD in the player and sat back to be awed.

I enjoyed the concert, they played exactly the concert I expected. What puzzles me is how a ‘cover’ band can have so many fans?

It is not my place to offer judgement on either the band nor their fans. I love to immerse myself in a band for an hour or two and discover things that I had missed. The unearthing of this DVD/CD set was at best a million to 1 shot, I am glad I watched and listened to it. They do indeed have the gift of taking a song and changing its impact.

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