Fans of Bollywood rejoice. Fans of the more-than-famous actor/superstar Shahrukh Khan… I don’t know… swoon in excitement. This month Times Square Records released a selection of songs from Khan’s most popular films (in fact, the majority of songs are from three films: Darr, Duplicate, and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge). The album contains 13 tracks, which will be wonderfully familiar to anyone who considers themselves one of the billions (literally) of fans to ardently follow Khan’s career. To the uninitiated, this may just sound like standard Bollywood fare. But really, what cause would the uninitiated have to listen to this album? Aside from reviewing it (ahem, I shamefacedly confess that I am not extensively familiar with the work of Mr. Khan) the occasion most likely will not too often arise for a person not of Khan’s fanbase to peruse the music on this album.

But were such an occasion to occur, I am happy to report that said unknown non-fans of Khan should find themselves surprisingly entertained by the music contained on an album that contains over an hour of music that they neither recognize nor comprehend. Especially in upbeat, poppy tracks such as “Likha Hai Yeh” – which features the equally infamous (and I actually am a fan of hers) Lata Mangeshkar providing the female half of a duet. (“aren’t all tracks upbeat and poppy?” you ask – in fact, no, some tracks – such as “Khamoshiyan Gungunane Lagi” are a bit more melancholy)Mangaeshkar is sprinkled throughout the album (as is Udit Narayan). There’s a great variety to the music here, which is a testament to Khan’s illustrious and varied career. Fans of Shahrukh Khan are no doubt excited to capture some of this music at long last, while even the rest of us have occasion to celebrate.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: Duh, fans of Shahrukh Khan
Stay Away if: Not only have you not heard of Shahrukh Khan, but you don’t want to hear of Shahrukh Khan

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