The Best of the Rykodisc Years

I first came across Josh Rouse about two and a half years ago.  I was beginning to branch into the outer limits of the indie music scene, usually found on college radio and some awesome music blogs (the best examples being Songs:Illinois, SwedesPlease and Late Greats).  To find some general artists to begin to center my music collection on, I looked at some of those recommended artists on Amazon and people’s lists of who they liked.  Josh Rouse was on one of those lists.  I didn’t start out being that big of a fan of him, in fact, I deleted most of his songs.  Yet he’s rocketing back to the top of my list with this new 2-disc release.

Starting this September 9th, now available as a two disc collectors set comes the best of album from Rykodisc and Rhino Records that fans have been waiting for years to arrive.  Josh Rouse – The Best Of The Rykodisc Years is ready to own your iPod and burst out of your home stereo system with its wonderful mix of indie music and singer/songwriter sensibility.  Bring this collection home today!

Over the years, Josh Rouse, one of the most soulful and inventive singers in the indie music scene has released six albums through Rykodisc.  They were, in order, Dressed Up Like Nebraska, Chester – a record collaboration with Kurt Wagner, Home, Under Cold Blue Stars, 1972, and Nashville.  He has also amassed a large collection of demos and unreleased singles which few have heard.  This 2 disc collectors set bring together a wide sampling of tracks from across his six albums and his unreleased singles and meshes them into a collection of music which shows Rouse’s progression as an artist and is wholly enjoyable.

This 2 disc collectors set comes in a magnificent set of folding cardboard sleeves with art of Rouse himself, the spines of the six CDs this collection draws from and a listing of all the tracks.  There are two discs, one full of a wide collection of released songs and the other half-full of released songs and half-full of unreleased demos.  This set also includes a booklet full of information about Rouse and the songs on the track along with some great photographs.

I was completely blown away by this collection of songs.  This is Josh Rouse at his soulful and energetic best.  Track after track are incredible.  “Late Night Conversation”, “100M Backstroke”, “65” and “Winter In The Hamptons” are among the best songs on the first disc with “Sad Eyes”, “Michigan” and “Christmas With Jesus” rounding out the best on the second disc.  You cannot enjoy this collection too much because it simply is that good.

No Joshin’, this music is fantastic.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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