I knew nothing about Jazz till I met my future father in law. He played Alto Sax and we both had way too much beer. What amazed me was the band seemed to be able to play every song under the sun.

One day after a few pints of beer I asked him how he knew such a range of songs and could play all of them! He looked at me strangely, as if I was a complete idiot! He explained that often times the song could be ‘Improvised’, all it took was some good ear to finger coordination. A good player could use the ‘Past’ to predict where the future was headed.

It is now that I must tell the truth, few may believe it, but I swear it is true. I listened to the album and wrote my intro before reading Jacob Sieckman’s bio.

On his debut album, young composer and saxophonist, Jacob Sieckman, comes out swingin’. His improv skills were honed during his years at university, and his nimble touch is evident in every track

Gettin’ Out Of A Jam, is a truly enjoyable foray into what the Tenor Sax can do in the hands of a master. I suppose the most surprising thing is how young he appears to be and how accomplished and confident he is. This is a level of composing and playing I would expect from a musician with many more years experience.


He has a web site https://jacobsieckman.weebly.com/ and even better the site has some samples from Gettin’ Out Of A Jam.

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