Follow Your Heart  is actually a re-release, the album has been remastered and includes three new tracks. The quality of the piano playing is masterful.

Eric Bikales has a very unique style, he plays with a gentle authority, it is purposeful  but gentle, there is never any doubt that he is on a journey and he will reach his destination.

Lets look as the three new tracks, track 1 is Clockwork. This track alone is worth the price of admission to Follow Your Heart. Actually my one complaint about it is that it is too short. I keep playing it in the forlorn hope it will get longer. There is something in this track that makes it addictive and you just have to keep going back for more.

Track 12 (the last track) is also new, The Saint. In many ways it is the antithesis of Clockwork, this is a wistful and very soothing work. It left me with questions. Who has the saint? The joy of music is that the listener  is free to draw their own conclusions.  So, boldly going where no sane person should venture, I will give you my thoughts.

The saint was a young child, a little girl. The music is in the voice of a grandparent. Did something happen to her? Or did the little girl grow up and move on?

In the middle (Track 5) is the third new track, The Meeting. It again is well executed, but somehow its story evades me.

I enjoyed Follow Your Heart, to order it, use the Amazon link above.

I did find this rather good example of his work.

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