It has been a bad couple of weeks, both my wife and I are depressed, even the dogs are showing symptoms of the same malaise. So it was wonderful to find a copy of Fellowship Of Solitude in my inbox.

Lynn Tredeau has a magic light fingered style, no key is ever struck in anger. This album is a masterwork in peace and tranquility. What I really like is her composition plan. Many soloists tend to over complicate their pieces, I am sure it is accidental, but there is a part of me that says the artist is merely showing off. Lynn does not play in that style. I’d say that she plays in a clean and simple style.

Do not get me wrong, it is probably more difficult to play the way that Lynn does. There is no wriggle room, you can not obfuscate weaknesses in the composition by adding new layers to confuse the listener.

The entire album is wonderful but if I was forced to pick two favorite tracks they would be Love Leaves A Memory and What Lives In The Dark. They are very different beasts. Love Leaves A Memory has a melody that I just can’t get out of my head and What Lives In The Dark is so  well crafted it makes you want to check under the bed for monsters. It has a light melody line and the occasional softly played dark chord.

Fellowship Of Solitude will be released July 20th, it is available for preorder on her website

I cannot bring you links let you listen to my favorite tracks, but I did find this wonderful piece Lunch With Vincent:


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