The problem often with solo piano works is…. Well the word ‘solo’. The piano is a wonderful instrument, I wish I had learned to play it, alas the only keyboard I can play is one attached to a computer. I often feel that great though a solo piano work might be, the addition of another instrument  might elevate the work to new heights

It is like eating a fine roast beef and gravy dinner and introducing a Yorkshire Pudding. The experience is transformative. .

Gary Schmidt with Even For A Moment is the chef that understands the need for the Yorkshire Puddings.

Track one is the starter, If This Is The Time, it is a wonderful track. It draws you in, there are two opposing forces at work. I wish I could talk about it more eloquently, there are two people playing. One is ready and steady, the chord structure is wonderful. Meanwhile someone else is adding a another lighter layer.

The first sign that this might not be solo piano can be found on track 2 Inside This River.

By track 7 Even For A Moment , the title track, Gary has embraced a stringed  instrument on his journey. It sounds sort of like a violin but it could be a viola

This is a great album, I can recommend it.

While browsing Youtube I came across this excellent example of Gary Schmidt’s style.

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