The internet is a wonderful tool, in a space of 30 years it has gone from an obscure US government funded research project to a tool that is part of our daily lives.

Without the Internet pianist and composer David Peoples would have been unable, or at least been very unlikely to have made Looking For Utopia. He faced a huge problem, it is one thing to identify the very best musicians in the world for an album, but the logistics of getting them all in one place at the same time is akin to herding cats!

The solution was to build the album in layers. David recorded the basic tracks in Atlanta, digital copies were then passed on to the other collaborators, Carina Bruwer and Natasha Jaffe. Carina calls South Africa home and plays the Slide Flute.I had never heard of a Slide Flute, I found this clip of Carina playing it, it is quite the strange instrument.

Natasha Jaffe is from Berlin and plays the cello.

Each laid down their tracks and through the marvels of technology it became one cohesive work.

As a music reviewer I love to put artists in categories, David Peoples has his own special category! Some tracks, such as Dance Of The Flickering Flame have a jazz feel about them, but somehow David does not fully commit the track to the genre, he flirts with the idea, teasing the listener.

Other tracks have a new age tinge to them, Glass Butterflies for example. Has a new agey taste about it, but just as you start to think you have the track nicely pigeon holed, it takes off in other directions.

Looking For Utopia is a very fine work of art, David is at center stage on the piano but affords his two collaborators every opportunity to share the spotlight. You can pre-order Looking For Utopia from Davids web site

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