High VoltageAmid highspeed guitar riffs and vocal exclamations of “Yahoo!!” the track “Supercharged” speaks for most of the music Mike Patton has created for this adreneline-laced sequel to 2006’s Jason Statham vehicle Crank. In nearly an hour of music – spaced out over 32 tracks, Patton – of the 1980s-90s band Faith No More - lays down a barrage of mostly dissonant, electronic action tunes. All but one of the tracks clock out under three minutes, and the average is around 90 seconds. This is an album of vigorous, driven adventure. In short, and at the risk of sounding trite, it’s like a feature score on steroids.

This is Mike Patton’s first feature score – though he worked on the pilot for the television show “Californication” and contributed a song to Black Hawk Down – and this may account for the originality and structure of his music here. There are ecstatic explosions of unrestrained energy (“Car Park Throwdown”, “Shock & Shootout”), trippy dance sequences (“Tourettes Breakdance”), and even a brief Eastern interlude (“Massage Parlor”). The eerie final track - “Epiphany” - hints at his role in creating “Creature vocals” for I Am Legend as we hear strangely disturbing high-pitched vocalizations with a backdrop of a slow dirge. Where most film compositions open and close with a given theme – referencing the general motif of the theme throughout – Patton seems to be operating in a lawless musical world, throwing out the rule book and electrifying his work in the process.

In our fast-paced, energy drink guzzling society, Patton’s score feels especially timely. At times it may be a bit too dissonant for some, but for those who get past the punk-rock opening track – “Kickin'” – there’s plenty to enjoy. And when you start listening to a score with track names like “Chickenscratch”, “Juice Me”, and “Porn Strike” you have to know what you’re getting into - especially when the movie is about a guy who has to keep his adrenaline high in order to stay alive. Listening to this soundtrack is sure to keep anyone’s adrenaline high.

Zach’s Rating: 8 (out of 10)

If you only buy one track, make it this one: “Sweet Cream (Redux)”– bringing back the computerized voice from the early ’90s makes this track irrisistible – especially when it’s backed with a danceable groove beat.

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