Marking the 100th release of La-La Land records, the two disc collection of music from the fourth (and final) season of the acclaimed Sci Fi (oops, I mean SyFy) television series “Battlestar Gallactica” contains all the grandeur and epic scale that one would expect from the fourth score album of a fully-formed series – particularly considering that composer Bear McCreary has been on the project for its entire lifespan. There’s no doubt McCreary is a much better known entity now than he was when he began work on the first season of “Battlestar Gallactica” – and there’s also no doubt that this series wouldn’t have had the same vibe and sense of expression that it had without McCreary’s work.

With over two hours of music spread out over two discs (the first includes music from seasons 4.0 and 4.5, while the second consists of music from the series finale “Daybreak.” For those listeners who have been following McCreary’s work throughout the series – and with the quality of his compositions that’s most likely anyone who has watched the show – this album serves as an appropriate capstone to the “Battlestar Gallactica” musical world. The extensive liner notes attest to this as McCreary contacted “everyone involved for a few sentences for liner notes for this album.” With comments ranging from director/producer Michael Rymer to Edward James Olmos and the rest of the cast, there’s a plethora of opinions and personal side notes here: it’s something like a year book for the most popular kid in school.

Though McCreary has won rave reviews for his musical work for the first three seasons, his work here stands above the last three and can truly be considered epic. Opening with Alessandro Juliani’s moving vocals in the stirring “Gaeta’s Lament” this album immediately sets itself apart from other television soundtracks. And the range of musical stylings is hard to beat – “Farewell Apollo” comes off like music from a modernized Braveheart while “Boomer Takes Hera” is a mixture of bellydancing rhythms and drum circle vibes and “The Heart of the Sun” is a quietly melancholy-yet-uplifting (is that even possible?)  piece that mixes winds and strings effortlessly for an incredibly smooth emotional ride.

It’s no surprise that this fourth “Battlestar Gallactica” album is good, but that it’s undeniably great is something that is only learned by listening to it.

Zach’s Rating: A
Perfect For: Those who enjoy a truly epic score
Stay Away if: You only like scores with a “classical” sensibility

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