It is not often that I do a cut and paste from a press release but this one is too good not to share. Apparently Arizona based Blessthefall were in Pennsylvania shooting a new music video when an unfortunate accident happened. While shooting the first scene on Monday, Craig Mabbitt (frontman) was accidentally hit in the face by band mate Eric Lambert’s guitar, resulting in several broken teeth and injuries to his face.

The gory tale goes like this:

 “We were shooting our new video with I Endeavor Media out in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. We did our first shot in the basement of a barn.
It was a very tight area with not much room and someone was bound to get hurt at sooner or later. It unfortunately had to happen to Craig.

The story is that I threw my guitar back thinking Craig wasn’t near me and when I ripped my guitar forward, Craig’s teeth and flesh came with it. We immediately stopped to see if he was okay. When he looked up at me I thought we were going to have to cancel the shoot. His face was a mess with broken teeth, a bloody eye, and a huge blood blister on his lower lip. He was in a good amount of pain, but he just took a few swigs of water, a sit down, and then was ready to get the shoot back on track.

We eventually finished the video shoot and were completely stoked that Craig was able to finish. Unfortunately we soon found out that it is near impossible to sing without your front teeth. We had to make a decision that night and the only way we would be able to continue as a full band on our upcoming tours is if we sent Craig home the next day to get his teeth fixed.

Who says making music does not have its share of dangers? Of course this kind of injury rarely happens in the music industry. Having done extensive research I can find no example of this happening to a Baroque group, I can only assume that the harpsichord is too big to swing around in confined spaces!

I have a naturally curious nature and so I am off on a hunt to find some videos of this ‘full contact’ band.

Simon Barrett  

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