It was over 150 years ago that Lewis Carroll penned the classic book Alice In Wonderland. In it his heroine Alice is transported to a new world. A world where she encounters strange, but somehow delightfully oddball characters.

You are old father time the young man said

It is true! I am no longer the young man. But neither am I the sage. It is raining where I live, and I decided to enjoy the rain through music. Rain has been a popular theme in music for many years. Some tunes ring the joy of rain, who could not enjoy the simplicity of Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head by BJ Thomas:

Maybe the most famous song might be this one:

Rain is not just the subject for musicals, it has a home in Rock. CCR have it wrapped up in the always magical Have You Ever Seen The Rain.


In the 70’s James Taylor released the iconic Fire And Rain


The other rain song that springs to mind is Blame It On The Rain. This tune has been used and abused by many musicians. It was the downfall of the band Milli Vanili. Why actually sing a song when you can just lip sync?


My favorite version of Blame It On The Rain was one that I heard live several years ago by the amazing Sam Moore. Yes there is some bias involved. My wife Jan and I were invited to the concert by Sam and his wife Joyce. The term ‘back stage pass’ hardly describes it. It was a day to remember. The most memorable part was the next morning. “Oh darn” Jan exclaimed, “I didn’t get him to sign it”. Sam had given her a copy of his new CD and in the excitement she forgot to ask him.

So here is Blame It On The Rain by the always wonderful Sam Moore.

Of course there is also the infamous Prince, or whatever symbol he is using this week as his name. Purple Rain was an interesting song, but it has been well hidden from regular web users. Prince seems to bask in secrecy. There are endless versions of Purple Rain on the web, but almost all have had the audio muted. This one is still going, but I doubt it will last long.


All in all the rain makes for a great subject for songs.

Simon Barrett

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