Stackridge is one of the most under rated bands of all time. This British group has been in existence since 1970, has a string of great albums, and yet remains relatively unknown. However it does have a very loyal following of fans, in fact they rival the Grateful Dead’s Deadheads in their fervor, although they come from a very different social strata! The fans are smartly dressed respectable couples of the ‘upwardly mobile’ set. The DVD actually starts with a series of short interviews with some of the fans, people have come from as far away as Belgium and Germany for this single concert in England. Comments like “oh I guess over the years I have seen them more than 50 times” abound! When asked what the attraction is one fan replies “Well every concert is different, and something always gets screwed up”.

Musical critics love to put labels on bands (oops I am one!), but this is a band that no label fits. Yes they have two very fine fiddle players in Rachel Hall and Sarah Mitchel, so there is a feeling of folk music about some of their tracks. With Andy Marsden on drums, Crun Walter on Bass, and Glen Tommey on keyboards, we have some rock and roll, and maybe even a touch of prog rock. Mutter Slater is the flute playing, and tambourine bashing comedian who sports a fine bowler hat, and last, but by no means last is the nominal frontman Andy Davis on Guitar, keyboards and vocals.

I called Andy the nominal frontman, I mean no disrespect by that comment, it is just that almost ever member plays the part during the concert, and this leads to Stackridge not being one band but several, and all have a unique sound and style. This is entertainment of the highest order.

Stackridge are a thinking mans band, the lyrics are intelligent, witty and engaging, the music played at a very high level of competence, and the set well thought out with plenty of humor and great segways.

With 25 tracks and a running time of 150 minutes this is a ‘bang up’ DVD that should be in everyone’s collection. Stackridge needs to be better appreciated, and I can assure you that if I ever discover them appearing locally I will be buying tickets (unless I can get in for free with press credentials hahaha). I am so impressed with this band that I do plan on seeking out some of their other albums. So if the Stackridge PR people are reading this, drop me a line!

Take my advice, click here and get a copy, you will not be disappointed.

Simon Barrett

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