What is Northern Soul, I hear you ask? Well, it is or rather was an interesting phenomena from the early 70’s. The ‘Northern’ refers not to Detroit, but to the north part of England. The US had Motown and Stax records, but England was not going to be left out of the genre. Northern Soul became a trademark of dance clubs, and garnered great support from the patrons. Oh, and this was the favored music that accompanied the break dancing era. A form of dancing that was way too acrobatic for me. Back flips, and spinning on your butt, just seemed a little over the top for this kid!

The artists featured are maybe not as well known as some from the Motown and Stax stable of performers, but certainly are just as competent. Soulvation contains 20 tracks, with short interviews with most of the musicians. Featured artists include Frank Wilson, Adwin Starr, Kim Wilson, and Tobi Legend.

I liked the way this video is edited, the tracks are artfully crafted showing a collage of then and now performances.

If you would like to take Soulvation out for a spin, you can get it from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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