If you are looking for fine music, you likely are in the wrong place. All thoughts of chord structure, and maybe even the concept of occasionally tuning the weapons are an anathema to this band. But don’t be put off, who could not like a band whose lead guitarist starts the set with a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head and wearing an oxygen mask obviously lifted from an airline? And that is how it starts!

Trading skill for enthusiasm The Deli Creeps rock! No sissy tune up’s for Buckethead or the rest of the band, they just launch right into their performances. This is gloves off, full contact, Thrash!

Maybe I am being a little unkind, they do have musical talent, and it does come through in short bursts, but for the most part they keep it well hidden behind a wall of noise!

Buckethead himself is a very fine guitarist, but often times he prefers to hide under the skirts of others. Who is Buckethead? Well we are not quite sure, his predilection is to remain anonymous behind a translucent mask, and often times some sort of bucket on his head!

There are two Buckethead DVD’s available, I will say ‘Buyer beware’, these may not be for everyone. Alone he is an engaging player, but when joined by his friends he is something else.

Buckethead does actually have a name, Brian Carroll, and these two DVD’s from 1991 footage maybe do not show him in the best light. He is a prolific composer and recording artist. On the other hand it is always fun to watch youngsters at work!

You can pick up Young Buckethead volume one, and Volume two from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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