Cherry Red Films have released yet another nostalgic concert on DVD. This time it is from a 1985 concert by Vic Damone filmed at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Vic Damone was born in 1928, oh, and incidentally is still going strong! He belongs to that fine genre that we often refer to as ‘crooners’. This is an often misunderstood style, but one that was the staple of  the Las Vegas entertainment scene for many years. It is part music, part comedy act, and part fireside chat. This is exactly the style that Vic Damone uses. Although the Royal Festival Hall is a huge venue, Vic Damone plays it as if he is in your living room. He is playing just for you.

He plays most of the standard ‘Lounge Lizard’ material, ‘New York, New York’, ‘That Old Black Magic’, and ‘Easy To Love’. He even takes Willie Nelson out for a test drive with ‘Always On My Mind’.

Adorned in black tux and bow-tie Mr. Damone is a big hit with the ladies. Every star has a fan club, and every one has their unique style, for example Tom Jones’ fans throw their underwear at him! Vic’s fans are more reserved, they walk up to the stage and present him with flowers, and receive a brief peck on the cheek. It was delightful to watch this, and added to the intimacy of the whole concert.

On The Street Where You Live is available through MVD.

Simon Barrett


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