Once again the folks at MVD have found some classic video footage from the 80’s. T. G. Sheppard is a fine entertainer, and this is a great concert highlighting his musical abilities. The concert was recorded live from The Church Street Station, a well known locale in Florida. The video and audio quality is outstanding, as the vast majority of the MVD vintage DVD’s are. While T. G. is the star, there are some interesting bonus tracks included. In particular Stella Parton who performs Standard Lie No 1, and, Danger Of A Stranger. Stella Parton is the less well known sister of Dolly. If you could imagine Dolly without the plastic surgery, they could be twins!

Maybe T. G. Sheppard is besk known for his 80’s hit Make My Day, which was one of the strangest duets of all time, who would pick Clint Eastwood as a singer. It was featured in the movie Sudden Impact.

T. G. includes renditions of such hits as ‘Last Cheaters Waltz’, ‘War Is Hell’, and ‘I Loved Em Every One’. He is a seasoned professional, and does an excellent job of ‘working the crowd’. This is a very entertaining DVD, slip it in the DVD player and put your feet up for 80 mins of relaxing fun.

You can get your own copy of T. G. Sheppard through MVD.

Simon Barrett


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