This brit-pop boy band took the music scene by storm in the early 90’s. It is estimated that during their 6 year career they sold almost 20 million records. If you think about it that is not a bad thing on your resume. But I will bet that you have never heard of these guys. Well, they appealed to a relatively small segment of the population. They were the darlings of pre and early teen girls in 1990-1996, England. It is hard to really call the five members of Take That musicians, they played no instruments on the stage, rather they went through a rigorous synchronized break dance routine. And I have to admit that if synchronized break dancing was an Olympic sport, these kids would have won the gold.

Pop Boy Bands tend to have a short lifespan, and that was certainly true of Take That. A bunch of boisterous teenagers grow up quickly when faced with the reality of adulthood. There are innumerable references to ‘New Kids On The Block’ who were creating the same phenom in the US. The big difference Take That explains to us is that the New Kids were stage managed, whereas ‘We did our own thing’. I can think of several manufactured bands aimed at the young teen crowd, the Monkees being the the most obvious, but I can not think of one that was not manipulated to do so. I find it hard to beleive that these kids were any different. 

I thought the DVD was interesting, there are lots of archive pieces from TV interviews, and it is fun to listen to the inane answers they give, to the inane questions that TV interviewers always ask. If you are now a 30 something mom, and had a crush on these guys, you will want this one in your collection. You can pick up the DVD from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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