After a little online research on this band I discovered that most people label them as ‘New Punk’. Well I completely disagree, this is a band that is high in style and ability. They have a true creative talent that is sadly lacking in a lot of today’s music. This brit based band deserves more recognition. Headed up by Justin Sullivan (Vocals, Guitar), the single named Nelson(Bass), Dave Blomberg (Guitar), Dean White (Keyboards), and Michael Dean (Drums) we have a very competent and creative band.

Filmed at the famous Astoria Theater in London this is a sheer delight to watch. The set opens with ‘Orange Tree Roads’ which has an infectious underlying melody and it just gets better from there. ‘Over The Wire’ is a masterful production, and it is evident from the crowds reaction that this is a favorite.

Clearly this is a dedicated band. They know their music, they know their crowd, and they sure know how to put on an entertaining show. If this is Punk, I think I’ll get my nose pierced and become one! I am sure my daughter Laura would help, she is a tattoo artist and hole maker by trade!

Take my advice and take New Model Army out for a test drive. It is available through MVD.

Simon Barrett

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